Hailee Steinfeld for ASOS Magazine-all blue in sun

At just 16, Hailee Steinfeld already has astonished the film world with her role in the 2010 True Grit, and has an Academy award nomination to prove it. The last few months of 2013 are set to be a big ones for the young starlet  who is starring in the highly anticipated Enders Game, and Romeo and Juliet coming out this October.

Miss Steinfeld embraces the gorgeous colors of autumn in her editorial for UK fashion magazine ASOS.  Hailee captures a young grace while still maintaining her fun loving, goofy side that she is quick to show.

Shot by photographer Michael Hauptman, the young brunette beauty wears the sleekest of skirts, skinny pants, and jackets in trend for the season. Set in the rustic outdoors, Hailee is accompanied by small dog and  crisp nature.

In the article, Hailee admits that fashion was her first love, saying,

Fashion is something I’ve always been interested in…I used to watch the Oscars, but paid no attention to the awards.

Her love for fashion is seen throughout the shoot, and she looks pretty darn adorable showing it.

To read the article, go to asos.com

Hailee Steinfeld for ASOS Magazine- Cover of magazine

Hailee Steinfeld for ASOS Magazine- Red jacket

Hailee Steinfeld for ASOS Magazine- grey skirt leaning against log

Hailee Steinfeld for ASOS Magazine- petting dog

Hailee Steinfeld for ASOS Magazine- dog toung out

Hailee Steinfeld for ASOS Magazine- Blue long jacket

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What are your favorite looks from the Hailee Stienfeld ASOS shoot?