Do you live in the New York City area? Do you adore anything vintage? Would you grab your nearest pair of suede booties and run out of the door to the nearest subway, one coat sleeve flapping empty in the breeze, if it meant to rushing to a giant Brooklyn vintage shop for liquidation sales before it closes in a matter of months? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Guvnor’s Vintage Apparel is a fixture of sorts in the Park Slope neighborhood, a shop that’s a bit more vintage than thrift which specializes in both men’s and women’s clothing from the past one hundred years. Scanning their many aisles is like walking through a time capsule, passing oiled leather aviator helmets and rockabilly dresses in one pass, with an entire wall of cowboy boots dangling from metal chains! There are even old umbrellas and records stacked up in plastic crates, making the store more of a antique depot than a traditional clothing store.


Guvnor’s opened exactly four years ago in the very same location, and has been responsible for feeding the vintage appetite of hipsters up and down the borough ever since. But sadly, it seems as though the cult classic store is shuttering its doors for good sometime soon, and Brooklynites will have to find a new hangout for eclectic apparel.

So now you might be wondering: why bother to talk about this ultra hip spot if it’s going out of business so soon?

Well, just because the location is closing, doesn’t mean that Guvnor’s Vintage Apparel is gone for good! The store promises to maintain their Etsy account, which currently announces a 20-30% off sale on every item! And while their Park Slope location does remain open, there are plenty of liquidation sales going on, as well as exclusive email invite-only shopping parties (which you can check out more about on their Facebook.)


(Photos via Yelp and Tumblr)

Are you going to scoop up something before this Park Slope shop closes?