Stop everything you’re doing. You may just flip out after seeing these amazing photos of Grumpy Cat at Vogue.

Fashionista was the first to report the famous feline’s visit to the most coveted office in the world. The magazine has (so far) put up four photos of the cat on a go-see, looking through Vogue archives and you know, just hanging with Grace Coddington. Grumpy Cat, also known by his real name, Tartar Sauce, tweeted some of his own photos with the caption. “I went to @VogueMagazine once. It was awful.”

We’re totally not jealous of a cat, it’s totally fine that we’ll probably never grace those halls but this guy is acting like it’s no big deal. TOTALLY FINE. But to be fair, this was his birthday present. According to one of the captions, the little dude’s birthday is tomorrow. So, happy birthday, Grumpy Cat… we love you!