First she was chilling at Vogue, now she’s walking the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards. Damn, Grumpy Cat, you really are becoming a style icon.

We were pretty much thrilled to see Tardar Sauce AKA Grumpy Cat walking the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards last night. But instead of just rocking her fluffy fur, the feline decided to make a bold statement by wearing a Pharrell-inspired hat. We first saw Grumpy Cat wearing her hat on Instagram. She posted a photo saying “On my way to the @MTV Movie Awards. Not there yet and already hate it.”

We then saw her looking absolutely miserable wearing the tan bowler accessory as she made very little small talk with interviewers and fans. She may have hated every minute of it, but everyone loved her. She was put on nearly every best dressed list, blew up Twitter whenever she appeared and even made a cameo in Conan O’Brien’s opening skit. That’s more than any other celebrity can really say, but it’s clear to see why.

Now we just wonder what Pharrell thinks about this… do we smell a collaboration coming on? Perhaps a new rendition of “Happy”? Simply put, it would be called “Grumpy” and it would head straight to the top of the charts, no questions asked. Vivienne Westwood may even start designing specific cat hats to help the rest of the world’s furry friends express themselves through fashion. Oh, the possibilities are endless! Scroll through the see the photos from last night.

grumpy cat mtv movie awards grumpy cat mtv movie awards

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