Poor, poor Rachel Zoe. Sure, she has a (covetable) clothing line, and now a chain of blow dry bars. But the cash cow that started it all, Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project, may be headed for that great television graveyard in the sky.

A “source” told Radar Online: “The decision has been made to cancel Rachel’s show…all we are waiting for is the announcement. The ratings are lackluster and Bravo has decided that Rachel’s show has run its course.”

The fifth season of the show has been clocking poor ratings, and cancellation rumors have started to swirl. Last week’s episode was the lowest-viewed to date. Per the folks at

At 9pm Rachel Zoe managed to only attract 518,000 (demo 0.20) fashionistas, which is her show’s lowest ratings ever; lower even than her Season 1 premiere in September 2008, which had 527,000. TRZP is now averaging just 637,600 this season (demo 0.30), and that’s a -31% reduction versus 2011′s Season 4, and -43% lower than Season 3. In the 18-49 demographic her audience drop-off is averaging a deficit of-35% & -44% respectively.

TRZP alum Brad Goreski’s (the depressingly-named It’s A Brad Brad, World) spin-off isn’t doing so hot either. The show’s ratings have dropped dramatically. After enjoying an average 820,875 viewers per episode last season, a scant 578,200 are tuning in to watch the bespectacled stylist’s antic this season.

A Bravo rep tells E! Online “Rachel and Brad are currently airing and NO decision has been made for the next season,” the network tells us.

Oh well. At the very least, the reality bastion will live on through YouTube parody. We just hope RZ’s blow-outs are up to par…