It’s official: New York Fashion Week is moving. Eventually.

Earlier this week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg made the announcement this week at Fashion Group International’s Night of Stars Gala saying that the Culture Shed at Hudson Yards will be the “future home of New York Fashion Week.” There has been some speculation and rumor for months now, but it is official as of this week.

Granted, the move won’t be immediate. The space has to actually be built first, and it is slated to be completed in 2017, so NYFW will be at the Lincoln Center for a few more years before moving to the new High Line location. Which could give them time to potentially change the name, as some of the designers don’t seem to think it fits. Rebecca Taylor likes it,  “from the renderings it looks like such a massive, architecturally modern space, so I think the name is kind of playful and fun.”

However, designers like Rebecca Minkoff and Charlotte Ronson think they should keep brainstorming.

Culture Shed plan Hudson Yard

(photo via NY Times)

Minkoff suggested the name “Creative Hut” which we think is less creative than “Culture Shed,” so we will pass on that name. Rubin Singer thinks they should call it “Art Haus” but we are kind of over that whole trend. Charlotte Ronson threw out the name “The Convertible Aesthete” but that doesn’t really roll off the tongue. So far over here at Haute Talk we are team “Culture Shed,” since the only name we could come up with would be “Haute Hudson.”

Like the rest of New York, we will just have to keep thinking.

What would you rename the Culture Shed?


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