W Magazine is well known for their selection of interesting interviews paired with striking, and more times than not, controversial, photos of the covered individual. There was no exception made for “Gone Girl” star Rosamund Pike‘s May 2014 cover.

Pike, who has the title for former Bond-girl under her belt, is featured in variety of dark outfits contrasted against light surroundings. There are two strikingly different covers that W Magazine put together.

gone girlDavid Fincher exclusively for W

The first, and our personal favorite, shows Pike staring daringly into camera while she wipes make-up off the entire right side of her face. Her make-up, which is styled with a feminine bold, red lip and stunningly bold brow and eye make-up. The contouring is very light with little to no blush, further emphasizing the porcelain tone of Pike’s skin.

Nothing is more intense than Pike’s eyes, however, which are amplified by the beautiful job done on her lashes. The slicked back hair combined with her lacy, girly blouse makes for a very sophisticated look.

gone girlWilly Vanderperre exclusively for W

The second cover plays at a more innocent appeal, featuring Pike with blonde hair versus the previous covers dark brown color. Nudes and pale pinks dominate the make-up scheme for this photo, giving it a softer look that tones down the actress’ edginess from the previous photo.

All of the other photos in the set play at her edgy side, but reveal the choppy blonde cut Pike had in her softer cover. Take a look:

gone girlWilly Vanderperre exclusively for W

We are seriously so obsessed. Girl’s lookin’ good! The article within W Magazine is a seriously good read, and exposes a lot of facts we didn’t know about Pike- but hey, it just makes us love her even more.

Photos via W Magazine.