I love researching and reading about new beauty products. I adore bloggers who are bold enough to rock the latest trends of say purple lipstick or red eyeshadow. However, when it comes to my own personal beauty routine, I don’t stray much from a little tinted moisturizer and some blush — I can’t help it, that’s just who I am. This is part of why I was so intrigued when I read about Into The Gloss’ Emily Weiss’ beauty routine in Marie Claire’s March issue. Weiss explained that her three major go-tos were Glossier’s priming moisturizer, perfecting skin tint and balm dotcom salve. Simple. I love it.

But the other (and biggest) reason I was so intrigued, is because when Weiss was describing the products, she mentioned the magical word “dewy.” Ever since I’ve had access to one-on-one beauty experts, the one question I constantly ask them is “how do I get that dewy look?” Once, I was so desperate to know how to get the perfect dewy skin, I emailed very specific runway photos to a major beauty editor, who I assumed had all the time in the world to find me the perfect product. She was nice enough to answer with a few suggestions, but none where what I was looking for.

After taking one look at Weiss’ skin, I figured this Glossier stuff has got to be the answer to all these years of questions. And I was right, but it took my a little while to figure it out.


After receiving my Glossier Phase 1 set in medium, I was overjoyed by the packaging. There’s just something fun about pink and white bottles, not to mention the stickers that come with the products. But I have to admit, after my first try with the Phase 1 set, I wasn’t thrilled. My biggest complaint was the perfecting skin tint. After applying, I still felt that my dark circles were still HIGHLY visible. I also thought the balm dotcom was too sticky.

The problem? Well, I wasn’t applying the goodies properly at.all. That’s what happens when you don’t change up your beauty routine all that much. So, after watching this tutorial, I tried again the next day, and I was DEWY.  Not only was I glowing, but after realizing I should layer the skin tint in problem areas, my dark circles faded quickly.


I think it’s important to note, when I say I was dewy, I mean straight-off-the-runway, just-came-from-a-light- jog, dewy. In fact, I’ve been so impressed with the products, I’ve completely ditched my former go-tos, and strictly use the Phase 1 set. Most days, I don’t even use mascara because I’ve finally achieved the perfect no-makeup makeup look — only made possible my Glossier.

I can’t say enough positive things about the Phase 1 set and the genius that is Emily Weiss and her team. For $80, you’re getting a complete set that will be the foundation of your beauty needs. Below I’ve included how I use the products to help you through your first try. To buy your own Phase 1 set, head over to Glossier.

Glossier routine:

I first apply the soothing moisturizing mist. I spray it generously over my face, and then I let it sit for a few seconds before I apply about a nickel-size amount of the priming moisturizer. I stroke that upward, from my chin up! Next, I apply the balm dotcom. At first, I was doing this last, but I found it works much better when applied before the tint. I use just a pea-size of this on the apples of my cheeks and also my eyelids. Finally, I put the skin perfecting tint all over my face, and then, add a little more under my eyes to cover my dark circles. I finish with my own blush (cream is best to help keep the dewy complexion), and voila, I’m out the door!

Have you tried any Glossier products?