Glamour magazine has just released and honored their list of 2013 “Women of the Year.”  There are truly some fantastic ladies on this list, and they deserve the recognition.  These women work to improve life for other women, do so much great charity work, and are overall inspirations for all aspects of life.  Here are the fabulous winners:


Lady Gaga

lady gaga glamour women of the year

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Lady Gaga is known for her outlandish outfits and bizarre performances, but not only is she a pop culture icon, she is also a huge anti-bullying advocate.  Her “Born this Way Foundation” strives to help young people boost their confidence and become comfortable in their own skin.  This Woman of the Year loves her fans and is truly dedicated to helping them become as brave to be as unique as she is.

Malala Yousafzai 

Malala Yousafzai Glamour Woman of the Year

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The cause Malala is advocating, the right of girls to be educated, is a simple one, but Malala’s journey has been anything but that.  In 2012 she was shot in the head by a member of the Taliban, because the organization felt threatened by all the work she was doing globally to promote the right of girls everywhere to be able to go to school.  Thank goodness she survived, because the work this young girl is doing is phenomenal.  She strongly believes in this issue and will do anything to fight for it, even if it means putting herself at risk.

Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly- Couple of the Year

Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly Glamour Woman of the Year

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What this couple has gone through after Representative Giffords was shot back in 2011 is incredible.  Giffords herself is one of the strongest women in the public eye today, and her recovery and continuing advocacy for gun control is more than admirable.  While she is strong alone, she also has an amazing husband supporting her every step of the way.  They demonstrate what a “power couple” really should be.

Catherine Martin 

Catherine Martin Glamour Woman of the Year

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Martin is a fashion and production designer whose styling in films doesn’t follow fashion trends, but creates them.  Not only is she incredibly creative and talented, she is also extremely passionate about her work, which really shows and sets her apart from other people in the industry.

Kerry Washington 

Kerry Washington Glamour Woman of the Year

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If you don’t watch Scandal, you should probably start.  She is fabulous in the show and all her roles, and Washington is also the first African-American actress in about 2 decades to be nominated for an Emmy for a leading dramatic role on TV.  What makes her a great Woman of the Year is her commitment to using her fame to talk about issues that are important to her, and advocate for important causes, like violence against women, and overall using her intelligence and power to influence discourse as much as she can.

Liya Kebede and Christy Turlington Burns

Liya Kebede and Christy Turlington

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These two models and mothers are also big woman’s health advocates, and are passionate about making childbirth safer for mothers and their children everywhere.  The women are striving to make access to hospital deliveries more widespread, and decrease the astonishing number of 800 women who die of childbirth related causes every day.

Natalie Massenet 

Natalie Massenet Glamour Woman of the Year

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Starting your own business isn’t easy, and it especially wasn’t easy to start a successful online business back in 1999.  Massenet did it anyway, because she realized that creating a website to sell and showcase fashion online was too good of an idea to pass up.  Now, her company Net-a-Porter Group is worth a ton of money, and has played a large role in changing up the fashion industry.  All the while, she remains a good person, and hasn’t turned into a ridiculous and awful CEO.

Carissa Moore 

Carissa Moore Glamour Woman of the Year

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It can be tough for a woman to break into a “man’s” sport, but Carissa not only broke in, but fits in competitively.  Moore is a world surfing champion, and wants other women to have the same opportunities as men in the world of competitive sports.  She is pushing to raise awareness for her sport, so female surfers no longer have to be secondary to their male counterparts.  She is also a role model for her fans, speaking out about her own body image issues and hosting clinics for her fans.

Barbra Streisand- Woman of the Year Lifetime Achievement Winner

Barbra Streisand Glamour Woman of the Year

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Barbra Streisand is truly a legend.  If I were to describe, or even list, her accomplishments, it would take me about a week.  Her success and relevance as a singer and actress are uncontested, and she has been creating great things since the ’60s.  Streisand is also committed to promoting gender equality.  Back in the beginning of her career, she refused to change anything about herself in order to fit the ideal of what a star should be, and today she is doing amazing things like founding a center for woman’s heart disease research.

Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis

Kaitlin Roig-DeBellis Glamour Woman of the Year

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This Woman of the Year represents all of the everyday heroes who do great things without having the support of fame and money.  Roig- DeBellis is an elementary school teacher at Sandy Hook Elementary, and on the day of the deadly shooting, she saved her students’ lives.  Instead of stopping there, she started a program, Classes 4 Classes, with the aim of providing gifts to other classrooms around the country, and encouraging those classes to then do the same.  She took this terrible experience and let it inspire her to show people that you don’t need a tragedy to give back.

Melinda Gates

Melinda Gates Glamour Woman of the Year

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Melinda Gates is so much more than an incredibly rich philanthropist and Bill Gates’ wife.  She works hands on with the work the couple does, and is devoted to changing poverty worldwide.  She is receptive to the issues that matter, and is committed to doing what is most helpful for the people in impoverished nations, especially the women.  Gates is one of the most respected philanthropists in the world, and she is more than deserving of that recognition.

Who do you hope is one of the Women of the Year next year?