It’s official: We would not want to get in a fight with Gisele Bundchen.

Bundchen is the latest face for Under Armour, and in a new video campaign for the workout clothing company, Bundchen proves she’s way more than “just a model.” In the video, we see Bundchen kicking and punching a bag while social media comments about her scroll on the walls. Some of them are encouraging, while others are downright hateful. A few of the more negative ones read “Gisele is just a model,” “Under Armour WTF,” “Is modeling now a sport?” and “She’s nothing special at all.”

But in true Gisele fashion, she ignores the comments and takes out any and all frustration on the bag, proving that, as the campaign says, “I will what I want.”

In another video promoting Gisele and the clothing, the model speaks about all the struggles she went through before she became internationally known. “There was always something,” she says. “Everyone always had an opinion about how they felt about me.” This video in particular is intense to watch, because it seems like Bundchen is re-living her experiences and you can tell on her face that it’s not an easy job being a model.

Bundchen is joining other powerful women who have become associated with Under Armour, including Misty Copeland, Sloane Stephens and Brianna Cope.

Head over to Under Armour to learn more.

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