Being a supermodel these days is hard. You’re no longer expected to just model clothes and strut your stuff on runways. No, no, you’ve also got to have a certain talent… like singing.

Gisele Bundchen’s single for H&M debuted on Tuesday, and it’s something, to say the least. Naturally, Bundchen looks incredible modeling the company’s swimsuits, but her rendition of Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” is a little… eh. Don’t get us wrong, we’re totally on board with the single, after all the royalties do go to UNICEF, but it’s just so techno. Although, the bathing suits look fab, so good job there, H&M.

A little after we saw Bundchen’s viddy, we came across an article in the Daily Mail, which said Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr was also making a singing debut! Could it be? Two models who secretely should have been singers this whole time? Well, not exactly. But Kerr did sound pretty good while singing “You’re The Boss” with Bobby Fox. The 31-year-old definitely has a sultry and sexy sound to her voice.

We can only imagine that Gisele and Miranda will soon be coming out with a duet. We’re pretty sure people would pay good money to hear these two sing together. Maybe they can even perform at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show this year. Yeah, that sound good — forget Jay-Z, Kayne and Taylor Swift — the supermodels will take it from here. It will cost you extra, of course.

Watch the videos below to hear these two, and head over to the Daily Mail for more information.

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