Going makeup free (or nearly makeup free) has been a huge trend lately in magazines. We know we feel better when we see what a model or celebrity REALLY looks like without all that fuss, and we know the cover stars usually comment on how empowered they feel as well.

For the most part, the model or celebrity pretty much looks the same, a little less glamorous, but yeah, still totally recognizable. However, after we quickly skimmed this photo, we said “is that GISELE?!”

gisele bundchen no makeup

That’s right, the supermodel known as Gisele Bundchen is a dewy Goddess on the cover of Pop magazine’s fall/winter 2015 issue. From what we can tell, she’s wearing minimal, if any, coverup on her face, except perhaps some Glossier — just look at those freckles!

This is a huge difference from what we’re used to seeing when Bundchen has been featured on covers or walking down runways in the past. We admit that she’s never been aggressive when it comes to her beauty game, but let us say again, FRECKLES! Who knew she had any?

To note, she does look a bit more mature, which we love. We can see her tiny pores, a slight wrinkle, and yet, we’re wondering, how is her skin so evenly toned?

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Bundchen modeling, especially since she announced earlier this year that she would retire from the runway, making us particularly excited about this cover.

What do you think of Gisele Bundchen’s Pop cover?