Chanel premiered its new campaign for the No. 5 fragrance on Wednesday morning called “The One I Want.”

The three minute short film was directed and produced by Baz Luhrmann, who also directed the No.5 campaign back in 2004 staring Nicole Kidman. This time around, Luhramann chose Gisele Bundchen for the leading role in the commercial. “What I love about her is that her body is her instrument from early on, and she’s learned to express so many things. She can do anything!” he said.

gisele bundchen chanel commercial

Bundchen portrays a modern woman who captures the essence of CoCo Chanel’s legacy. “The One I Want” showcases Bundchen’s athletic body surfing as a moment of self reflection in the deep oceans off the coast of Montauk. As the commercial continues, the story line unravels, reveals Bundchen as a mother who also juggles an aspirational career. In addition to all these characteristics she portrays, the Chanel woman now chooses love as her number one priority. Luhramann jokingly says “Finally! The Chanel woman is running to a man and not away from him.”

“The One That Got Away” resembles a trailer of a movie that was never made. Its elements of emotions have everything to do with a movie, which creates a story line that has customers literally falling in love with.The dazzling set, emotional music, and Bundchen’s performance is definitely one of our favorite campaigns all year.

Watch the full Chanel No.5 commercial below

What do you think about Gisele Bundchen’s Chanel campaign?

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