Getting ready. We’ve been doing it for literally years, and yet, it hasn’t gotten any easier or any less painful. Yes, sometimes getting ready for things physically pains us because it means we have to put effort into our image. Of course there are times when getting ready is fun, like for a special event or on your wedding day, but for the most part, going through the steps are exhausting. And repetitive. And downright frustrating.

I think it’s safe to say that we, as girls, have all experienced most — if not all — of these anxieties when we’re getting ready.

Getting Out of Bed

i don't want to leave my bed


It doesn’t matter if you’re just waking up or you’re only relaxing after a long day, getting out of bed is nearly impossible. “What’s that? I have to be at work in an hour? Oh, tonight is supposed to be one of the best nights in a while? Too bad. I’m too comfortable to care.” *Cue thoughts of putting your bed on wheels so you can do everything from the warmth of your comforter.*

Making Plans

honey boo boo texting


When you’re about to go anywhere with other people, the organization can basically be summed up as, “Quick, let’s have a race to see who can get carpal tunnel the fastest!” Texts are coming in non-stop about where you’re going, who you’re meeting, and when you need to be there. It might be one of the more counterproductive things because you’re trying to save battery for the night and your phone has yet to stop buzzing.

The Shower Dilemma

sobbing in shower


“It was hard enough to get out of bed, but now people expect me to shower?” You stand in front of the mirror trying to determine if you can get away with just using some dry shampoo. Nope. Still looks gross. You hop in the shower and spend longer than you need to in there just because you dread getting out into the cold air. God forbid if you have to shave your legs. (You try to find ways around that one, too.)

Post-Shower Sloth

i'm not going anywhere


You take what you like to call a 10-minute “relaxation” period and lay on your bed in only your towel. After all, you deserve it for actually getting up and taking a shower. But 10 minutes turns into 30 and next thing you know, it has been an hour since you got out. “Now, I just have to come up with a good reason to cancel my plans.”

The Closet Wars

so i have nothing to wear


Trying to find something to wear for literally any occasion is a disaster. Every time you put together an outfit, there’s something about it that just doesn’t sit right with you. Coats are a serious burden because they ruin all outfits and are too much of a responsibility to hold onto. If it’s warm out, you have to worry about sweat stains and overheating. But nothing, nothing is worse than standing in front of your closet for 20 minutes and not liking anything you put on.

Putting On Makeup

lauren conrad mascara running


You know that the only way your makeup is going to look great is if you have the patience. “But really, patience at a time like this?! I’m already running on minimal time, I still haven’t done my hair, and I’m still not even sure if I like the outfit I’m wearing.” You speed through your foundation and bronzer only to stab your eye with your mascara wand and spend the next 5 minutes crying off all the makeup you’ve put on.

Doing Your Hair

i quit brittany murphy


This. This is what makes getting ready so stressful. First of all, if you had to take a shower, blow drying your hair is just exhausting. The extra hassle comes in when you want to straighten or curl your hair. No matter how many times your burn your fingers, accidentally rip your hair out, or how often you have to fix it, you still do it. Prepare to crack a window, cause it’s about to get hot in there.

Actually Leaving

if i was a dude


A million things are running through your mind as you’re heading out the door. You pat yourself down like you’re going through TSA check at the airport for your keys, phone, and wallet. You check yourself in the mirror for the 3rd to last time. Touch your hair again. Check your teeth. Turn around and check out your butt. Contemplate changing again. Force yourself to finally leave. Then, you think, “Sh*t. I forgot to put on deodorant.”

What anxieties do you have when getting ready?