The fashion world is filled with hilarious Tumblrs. Whether it’s Shoe Kitten or Models Who Look Like They Just Farted (although, this one is no longer), we love them all. But the newest funny fashion Tumblr Drunk J. Crew has definitely stolen our hearts.

Basically, it’s a page that takes photos from J. Crew’s look book of models who do in fact seem like they’ve had one too many. A hilarious text caption accompanies the photos, which really add a LOL moment. Take for a example one photo where the modeling is looking down, looking a bit sick. The text that goes with it reads “ohhno imma barfed onna shoos.” Okay, maybe we didn’t do a great job explaining it, but it’s hilarious, just take a look:

funny fashion tumblr

The tagline for the Tumblr reads “Ever notice how drunk the models from J.Crew are?” and the truth is, we really hadn’t — until now. Although we’re not sure who started this page, it’s already getting a lot of hype. It looks like it only started to populate content days ago, and some photos already have over 200 notes, which is pretty impressive if you ask us.

drunk j.crew blog

As for shopping or looking at J.Crew’s website, well, we’ll never do it the same way ever again. Although, it does help us to see how stylish we can look if we are spending a night on the town with a good drink. Head over to Drunk J. Crew to see more.

What do you think of Drunk J.Crew’s funny fashion Tumblr?