People say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, and no one knows that better than Beyonce. The Queen Bey herself gifted an incredible diamond necklace to Nicki Minaj… the best part? It spelled FLAWLESS, of course.

Minaj posted a photo of the gold necklace to Instagram on Monday with the caption: “If Beyonce didn’t walk into your dressing room and give you a diamond ‘FLAWLESS’ necklace, then there’s no way you could be having a better week than me. Lol. Awwwww. thank u QUEEN. ur just a precious gem. I could never thank you enough for your influence on powerful women all around the world.”

Bey was obviously referencing the song she and Minaj did together called “Flawless,” that nearly broke the internet.

This necklace just proves that Beyonce knows how to pick the best accessories, which really comes as no surprise to us. Have you seen Bey’s Instagram lately? It’s basically a collage of incredible outfits and accessories that the singer wears day to day.

Now of course, we’re never going to lucky enough to receive a gift like this from Bey, but if you’re obsessed with this, you’re in luck. We found a couple of Flawless necklaces that will do the trick if you’re on a tighter budget than Beyonce. There’s this Flawless stamped necklace from Etsy seller littlepancakes, or this wire Flawless necklace from ShopBenji.

Oh, and if you haven’t heard “Flawless” yet, listen here, but be warned, it might shock your system.

Do you love the Flawless Necklace?