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In honor of Valentine’s Day and pretty little things in general, we took to Etsy and selected a few gorgeous vintage lingerie pieces that’ll make your little romantic heart pitter-patter. It definitely does not have to be a special occasion to wear something sexy to bed. In fact, donning a cute nightie anytime is a good time to increase your bedtime mojo. Here is a breakdown of our favorite designs by the decade:


The 1980s | Monique Red Chiffon Nightgown: ReallyCoolClothes, $29.95

It’s hard to believe that fashion from the 1980s is considered vintage today. Yet, it’s been over 30 years since Michele Pfeiffer and her flowy, spaghetti strapped slips with plunging necklines slinked their way into our fashionable hearts in the cult classic movie, Scarface. That’s why we selected this very Elvira Hancock (Pfeiffer) inspired frock in her gangster wife honor.

red 1980s


1970s | Neon Diva Pink Palazzo Pants: Penelopebythesea, $78

Ready to channel your inner Charlie’s Angel? Well feather your hair, because nothing says the 70s like a ruffled chiffon palazzo jumper.



1960s | Satin Control Corset: PosiesForLulu, $93.75

Can you guess the 1960s iconic brand that inspired this look? We’ll give you a hint: it rhymes with slayful honey—because back then if you worked at one particular exclusive club or hung out at a certain mansion party rocking something similar to this frock, you were what’s hoppin’. Wink, wink.



1950s | California Dynasty Chiffon Peignoir: MellaFina, $15.99

Joan (Christina Hendricks) gives us life on Mad Men. We can’t wait to see what fashions the upcoming season will bring. Until then we found this sheer, yet slightly modest 2-piece peignoir set to lounge in while we watch a marathon of repeats on Netflix..



1940s | Vintage Fischer Nightgown: SimplyCottageChic, $95

This sweet and wispy number is a whimsical alternative to the contrasting pin-up style bullet bras, waist-cinching corsets and garter belts that characterized the lingerie of the 1940s.



1930s | Pale Daffodil Hollywood Glam Robe: FarmHouseFind, $110

This silk daffodil robe with its plunging neckline is making us feverish for old Hollywood glam. We hope there’s a fainting couch nearby.



1920s | Pink Silk Flapper Teddy: VintageClothingandCo, $89.99

Can you see yourself doing the Charleston  à la Gatsby’s Daisy Buchanan in this dusty rose flapper-esq romper? Neither can we. But we don’t mind watching Leonardo DiCaprio who played the protagonist, Jay Gatsby, try his darnedest to woo his long lost love in the extravagant 2013 version of The Great Gatsby.



What is your favorite vintage fashion era?