We’re officially less than one month away from the most hated day by some and most loved day by others: Singles Awareness Day or more commonly known as Valentine’s Day. Lucky for you taken girls, Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year — weekend getaway anyone? If you’re a single gal, no worries at all — it’s the perfect excuse to plan a bar crawl with your best girlfriends and go show those single guys what they’re missing.

Let’s address the next issue at hand: the dreaded what to wear dilemma. This problem doesn’t care if you’re single or taken. We understand that this holiday is your yearly excuse to buy a new, sophisticated, yet sultry outfit. Fortunately, we’ve done a little bit of the research for you. With everything from black sultry rompers to classic little black dresses, Etsy Wednesday is in full force.

Single & Sultry

Etsy Wednesday: The Little Black Dress

Clearly, we know this sultry romper doesn’t classify as your typical little black dress, but single gals, this one’s for you. This Long Sleeve V-Neck Chiffon Romper is beyond perfect for your evening out on the town with your best girlfriends. Trust us, the men are going to be fighting to buy you a drink.

Day Date

Etsy Wednesday: The Little Black Dress

Is there anything better than a day date? The answer is probably yes, but we can still hope that Valentine’s Day will turn into a weekend long event. In that case, check out this casual, yet simple and cute LBD: Petit Dejeuner.

The Perfect Cocktail Dress

Etsy Wednesday: The Little Black Dress

Perhaps you’re going on a double date with your other favorite couple to a relatively formal restaurant. If you need to step up your outfit just a little bit, take a look at this Black V-Shape Party Dress. This dress is flirty and fun with the free flowing fabric, but formal enough to work for a romantic night out — or for you college sorority girls, it’s perfect for a Valentine’s Day date party! Trust us on this one, we’ve worn it.

The Stunner

Etsy Wednesday: The Little Black Dress

If you’re going all out for Valentine’s Day — we’re talking four course meal, the works — this Open Back Black Lace Evening Dress is the dress for you. We have no other words for this dress besides flawless. Oh, two more words. We want.

The Classic

Etsy Wednesday: The Little Black Dress

This Sleeveless Back Less LBD is the classic silhouette with a slight variation in the back. We love the look of this dress — simple, classic and timeless. We’re going to go ahead and add this dress to our wish list, too!

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