February and March only mean one thing – it’s interview season. Well, for 2014 college graduates anyways. From investing in the newest blazers to making sure your heels don’t cross the “high enough to fall flat on your face” height restriction [it’s a secret, but understood rule for women], the name of the game is dress for success. Unless you’re in a more creative field, lets just say that your typical interview outfit isn’t exactly what you’d call amazing. But there’s one simple fix for how to take an outfit from boring to fabulous – accessorize. You have all of the essentials, but still need that one thing to set you apart from the other applicants? We have three words for you: simple gold jewelry.


Etsy Wednesday: Simple Gold Jewelry

1. Gold Stud/Disc Earrings | Avnis, $22

2. Gold Hook Earrings | SimplyMeJewelryByMJ, $23

3. Gold Knot Studs | ravitschwarts, $40

4. Geometric Gold Studs | HookandMatter, $46


Etsy Wednesday: Simple Gold Jewelry


1. Gold Circle Bracelet | MoonliDesigns, $23.50

2. Gold Coordinate Bracelet | CopperLaneDesigns, $14

3. Arrow Bangle Bracelet | LayeredWithLove, $16

4. Personalized/Initial Gold Bracelet | FrostedWillow, $28


Etsy Wednesday: Simple Gold Jewelry 1. Large, Flat Gold Statement Ring | LuluMayJewelry, $23.90

2. Open, Thing Hammered Ring | StephanieSheehan, $49

3. Gold Stacking Knuckle Ring | HLCollection, $19

4. I’m Hammered Gold Rings | delialangan, $54

What is your favorite simple gold jewelry?