Etsy Wednesday Seashells

She Sells Seashells By the Etsy Shore: If you haven’t trekked to the beach this summer, be sure to head out during the next few weeks, but not before you’re dressed for the occasion. This week’s Etsy Wednesday theme is shells; they’re a classic reminder of the seaside, and are just as cheery in winter as in summer. Read on for this week’s finds!

Piece #1: Shell locket necklace

Shell Locket Necklace on Etsy

Seashells 101: Keep it simple. You need nothing more than a Swarovski pearl and a vintage gold-bronze shell-shaped locket. The nice thing about lockets? You don’t actually have to fill the inside with a photo or lock of hair (which is creepy anyway, let’s be honest). No one will ever know! And at $17.00 before shipping, this is a most excellent Etsy buy.


  • Vintage gold brass shell locket
  • White Swarovski pearl
  • Shell locket measures 24mm x 20mm, can be opened from the side to hold photos and tiny treasures.
  • Standard length of the antiqued bronze chain is approx. 20 inches (50cm) with lobster claw closure.
  • You can also choose your desired length from the drop-down box at checkout.

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Piece #2: Rose shell earrings

Rose Shell Earrings on Etsy

I am not exaggerating when I say I am in love with these earrings. It’s impossible to go wrong with anything champagne-colored. The shell shape only enhances the earrings’ delicate appearance. You might need to add a simple chain when pairing these with an outfit, but rest assured, all eyes will be on these roses.


  • Made from limpet seashells with freshwater pearls
  • Earring base is made of sterling silver
  • Size of the rose: approximately 1.5 cm.

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Piece #3: Ariel Throwback

The Little Mermaid Seashell Locket on Etsy

Ah, 1989. A year forever cemented in the minds of millions of children as the year of “The Little Mermaid.” Suddenly red hair was in, forks were dingle-hoppers, octopi were terrifying, and Prince Eric was a bit stupid, wasn’t he? Memorialize that blissful Disney-centric period of your life with this locket. Although this mermaid is blonde, this is still a lovely “Part of Your World.” (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)


  • Handmade
  • Painted and sealed in lacquer
  • Size of locket is 2.1 cm. in width and 3.4 cm. in height.
  • Length of chain: 60 cm.

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Piece #4: Gold? Sold!

Gold Seashell Bracelet on Etsy

We don’t always associate seashells with gold; usually it’s paired with more natural shades, like coral, white, tan, brown, etc. But this cowrie shell bracelet is the last word in elegance: plated in and hung on double strands of 18k gold, the bracelet is charming without being precocious, and elaborate without being ostentatious.


  • Bracelet length including clasp is 7 inches long.
  • You can also customize length from the drop-down menu for smaller or larger wrists.
  • Shell measures approximately 1 inch.
  • Cowrie shell hand-cast and plated in 18K gold.
  • Double strand chain plated in 18K gold.

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Piece #5: Ariel-As-Brooklyn-Resident Brooch

Seashell Brooch on Etsy

Seashells 1001: Complications welcome. It’s not always easy to know when something has gone overboard: you might not realize until 3 PM on a workday that your charm bracelet makes way too much noise, or that those new pumps are squeaking unbecomingly.

This brooch is, however, exactly right. I can’t give a more enticing description than the shop-owner did, so I’ll quote:

I always seem to find interesting things [on the beach in the Pacific Northwest] like this dead starfish and pretty blue shells. The pink grass seeds on this pin were an amazing find that I stumbled across while hiking through a field one day. The feathers on this piece were found from peacocks in my home state of Texas, who shed their feathers yearly. I hand-stitched a nice black felt-back for the brooch on a fine silver stick-pin. This piece is delicate so I usually pin it on the garment before dressing.

Heard enough?

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About Nandini Balial: I grew up in India, with an arty theatrical hippie mum who used to make her own jewelry, and vibrant patterns and materials – always on display at any relative’s wedding – quickly caught my attention.  Once I moved to Texas, I had to reconcile the ornate silks, mirrored scarves and silver hoops with glittery Coco Chanel earrings and Ralph Lauren polos. I’m still most comfortable in a vegetable/fruit-dye print cotton shirt and jeans, but my accessories will always vary. I proudly maintain that clothes are expensive and can’t always be mixed n’matched, but accessories are (on average) a bit cheaper, and can always move across your wardrobe (with/without irony). If you ever run across a fun accessory find, e-mail me with the details (and a photo, if possible), and I’ll try to include it in a future column.