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So, what happens when fashion meets socially conscious, eco-sustainable design and ethical trading? Well, you get Maelu Designs.

Owner, Meghna Dave is one of many entrepreneurs who has been able to successfully strike a balance between not only doing business in a manner that is socially responsible in matters of trade, but also supplies people with a product that is eco-sustainable and visually impacting. It was her love of prints and desire to use what she describes as “sustainable textiles made with natural fibers and vegetable dyes” which allowed her to launch a new career as a full-time business owner after a life-changing trip abroad. While in India, Dave got to witness first hand the traditional method of fabric printing.
The design and production methods are innovative in that they meet an increasing demand for fashion that is nontoxic to the environment and consumer. However, the irony is that taking simplistically carved handmade blocks and using vegetable dye to impress and form a pattern onto fabric to create intricate and majestic prints is a technique that dates back to the 12th century.


Image via Maelu Designs

It sounds simplistic, but in truth the process to create these works of art is quite labor intensive and hand stamping is only the first step. Next, the fabrics get hand washed to intensify the coloring, then laid in the sun to dry, which allows the dye to further set in. Once dried, the textile is washed once more, and then ironed to seal the color permanently.

By the time Meghna puts her modernized spin on the fabrics, which she went to India and sourced herself from the traditional artesian fabric producers and designers, the result is an array of gorgeous flowing infinity and wrap scarves, headbands and clutch bags which can be found in her Etsy store, MaeluDesigns and here.





If that isn’t enough awesomeness to convince you that you must have a unique Maelu Design piece of your own, take pride in knowing that a portion of the proceeds are donated to Global Fund for Women, an organization, which “helps to support the advancement of women’s human rights around the world.” (BollyInstyle)


With your support of forward-thinking companies like Maelu Designs, everyone wins.

What is your favorite Maelu Design piece?

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