Hair chains (or, if you prefer, head chains) are definitely gaining momentum in the realm of style. Similar to body chains, the hair chains are accessories that rest on top of your head and hair. We like to describe them as a more elegant headband… without the poof. That’s right, no more hair bumping up to make a mushroom-like fixture out of your hair. The hair chain’s cousin, the body chain, has gained some exposure too. They’ve been seen on Rihanna lately and on her latest album cover–but maybe we’ll save those for next week.

For this Etsy Wednesday, we gathered 5 head chains that could change up any outfit and put a new spin on it. That’s our favorite part about accessories, they can completely change the way an outfit is perceived and worn. Check out these hair chains we love.

1. The Jamie Crown Head Chain via CameronCouture on Etsy

The Jamie Crown Hair Chain by CemronCouture on Etsy


2. Gold Turquoise Hair Chain via lalarocque on Etsy

Gold Turquoise Hair Chain by Lalarocque on Etsy

3. Pyramid Hair Chain via lilacsinthesunshop on Etsy

Pyramid Hair Chain by Lilacsinthesunshop on Etsy

4. Geometric Diamond Head Chain by LovMely on Etsy

Geometric Diamond Hair Chain by LovMely on Etsy

5.  Hair Chain Barrette by NaynaJewelry on Etsy

Hair Chain Barrette by NaynaJewelry on Etsy

We’re fans of the barrette style as well, another take on the hair chain accessory trend. We truly love these pieces because they can be worn day and night, and on any age. Give one a try! These options are all relatively inexpensive, so support artists and shop via Etsy.

If you would like your shop or item to be featured in an Etsy Wednesday post, comment below with a link to your store or item and you may be selected!

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