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While some trends from the ’90s were put to bed for a reason (read: cargo shorts and platform flip flops), it looks like the ear cuff is actually making a shockingly welcome comeback. They might not be big in high schools this day and age, but just you wait. Now that celebrities are sporting the look, they’ll make their way back into the jewelry boxes of 16-year-old trend setters across the country. And the great thing about ear cuffs is that they’re far less permanent than a normal piercing. You’re not maiming your body in any way, shape, or form. Parents across the country — rejoice!

It’s actually great news that ear cuffs are coming back. They’re a cheap and simple way to gain more style points with an outfit, but, as Huffington Post will tell you, be careful what you match them with: That is, we don’t want to see you wearing ear cuffs and statement jewelry simultaneously.

For this Etsy Wednesday, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite ear cuffs, ranging from the as-simple-as-it-gets to the I-didn’t-notice-you-weren’t-wearing-pants-because-I-was-focusing-on-your-ear. Be as bold as you’d like!

1. Sterling Silver  Handcrafted Textured Ear Cuff via Holyland’s Treasures on Etsy

Etsy Wednesday Ear Cuffs

2. Ear Cuff Dainty Bow via The Lazy Leopard on Etsy

Etsy Wednesday Ear Cuffs

3. Forest Leaves Ear Cuff via ranaway on Etsy

Etsy Wednesday Ear Cuffs

4. Curling Ivy Cartilage Ear Cuff via Arianrhod Wolfchild on Etsy

Etsy Wednesday Ear Cuffs

5. Dragon Ear Cuff via Mintloftcom on Etsy

Etsy Wednesday Ear Cuffs

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