As we all know, is the mecca of handmade goods from craftspeople all over the world. It’s a place where users can create an online store to sell items they’ve created to creatively obsessed online shopping addicts (did we just describe ourselves?) across the planet.

This week we’ll be exploring the clutches of Etsy. These bags take on so many different materials and shapes, it was hard to narrow down the top 5! Check out the bags we selected, and as always, we’re not responsible for the money you’re about to blow!

1. Simple Clutch (via twe1ve)

twe1ve on Etsy Clutch via twe1ve on Etsy

We love this simple envelope design. The leather keeps the lines simple and sturdy. We had to include a photo of the inside as well, great pop of color. The best way to do neon is to do it subtly. This bag nails it.

2. Clear Silver Studded Envelope Clutch (via Ellidah)

Clutch by Ellidah on Etsy

We’re in love with transparencies right now. Just… be mindful of what you carry around.

3. Black Leather Clutch (via )

Clutch by LucisousLeatherNYC on Etsy

This is a great larger-sized clutch. With the stiff walls of leather keeping it contained, you won’t be stuck at the metro turnstile digging through a seemingly endless bag. The stronger construction will help keep things more organized.

4. Leather Duocolor Clutch (via cocoonobags)

Clutch by cocoonobags on Etsy

If you’ve noticed, we like clutches with a sense of structure. It sharpens your look, and it much easier to carry than a pouch style bag. This is a great tri-toned option that caught our eye!

5. Holograph Zipper Pouch (via SuperKawaiiBows)

Clutch by SuperKawaiiBows on Etsy

Alright so this was our wild card pick. We’re breaking our “structured clutch” rule but we just couldn’t help it. Being definitely more of a street wear piece, this bag is just plain fun. Use it to really really add a punch to your outfit.

Which clutch is your favorite?
Let us know!

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