As we’re all aware by now, Etsy is the mecca of handmade and vintage goods from the craftspeople of the world. Creating a singular virtual location where creative and fashionable people meet online shopping addicts – who would have thought this would have taken off? In the past, we’ve oggled the glory of iPhone cases available on Etsy shops, and most recently, we’ve taken to appreciating the beauty stylish iPad cases. This week, we decided to explore what Etsy had to offer with men’s bow ties.

The bow tie is more than a trend – it is a lifestyle. Having transcended beyond your usual geek chic, millennial men have committed to the Ivy League styles of the 1960s, pairing their bow ties with shrunken oxford button-down shirts with the increasingly popular horn-rimmed glasses. We love supporting fashion entrepreneurs and found that Etsy was a wonderful source for chic bow ties.

We’ve listed some of our favorite men’s bow ties for you to enjoy… and, as always, we’re not responsible for the amount of money you’re about to blow.

1. Wooden Zebrawood Bow Tie (via BugAccessories) $53

Etsy Men's Bow Ties - Zebrawood by BugAccessories

2. Vintage Stripe Butterfly Bow Tie (via RedSandVintage) $20

Etsy Men's Bow Ties - Vintage Stripe Butterfly

3. Orange Chevron Bow Tie (via DivineDomestication) $19

Etsy Men's Bow Ties - Orange Chevron by DivineDomestication

 4. Royal Blue Crosshatch Bow Tie (via DivineDomestication) $19

Etsy Men's Bow Ties - Royal Blue Crosshatch

 5. Ivory Blueprint Bow Tie (via Cyberoptix) $40

Etsy Men's Bow Ties - Cream Blueprint Design