Looking for stylish ways to stay warm as the weather gets cold? Don’t drop hundreds (or thousands) of dollars on retail furs. On Etsy, you can buy incredible faux fur fashions at a fraction of the price. Whether you want a hat, a shawl, a vest or something else, you’re sure to find whatever you’re looking for from one of these quality Etsy sellers. No animals were harmed in the making of these fur clothes and accessories, all of which are under $100.

1. Scarflette
HotHats, $24.95

Faux fur scarflette with satin ties

This scarflette with satin ties will add a touch of class to any top or jacket.

2. Infinity Scarf
CirclesofSoftness, $24.50

Faux fur infinity scarf

This warm, cozy infinity scarf has a mink-like texture and pairs well with just about any color.

3. Faux Mink Hood
AyaPapaya, $85

Faux fur hood

Why wear a hat, scarf and earmuffs when you can keep your whole head bundled up with this faux mink hood? This is definitely a piece for the bolder fashionista.

4. Earmuffs
ProjecktNomad, $22

Faux fur earmuffs

Between the brown herringbone patterned wool and faux fur trim, these earmuffs will keep out the chill even on the windiest of days.

5. Headband
CocoBrownUK, $42.02

Faux fur headband

This faux wolf fur headband features a luxurious silk lining for maximum comfort.

6. Children’s Coats
AJBPboutique, $55

Faux fur children's coats

Any little girl would feel like a princess in one of these adorable faux fur coats. Buy one for the mini fashionista in your life this holiday season.

7. Russian Trapper Hat
SoftNFurryHoods, $15

Faux fur Russian trapper

Made of faux wolf fur, this classic Russian trapper hat has a soft fleece lining.

8. Vest
StevieSaintJohn, $46

Faux fur vest

This three-quarter length vest has a rayon lining and is described by the seller as being ideal for the “high-fashion hipster.”

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