Much to our dismay, the 2014 awards season is almost over. In fact, there really is only one big night left – the Oscars. Since the Sag Awards, Golden Globes, and Grammys have all come and gone, we’ve decided that we’re going to go out with a bang. So whether you’re hosting and Oscars’ viewing party or like to pretend that you’re a pop star winning your umpteenth Grammy, this Etsy Wednesday features eight dresses that are keeping us in the “awards season” mindset.

Etsy Wednesday: 8 Dresses For The Red Carpet If you’re obsessed with Blake Lively, Victoria Beckham, or their fashion choices, this short stunner is perfect for you. While obviously we wouldn’t recommend this for the Oscars or Golden Globes, this dress is a great choice for an up and coming singer at a more sassy show, like the Grammys.

Etsy Wednesday: 8 Dresses For The Red Carpet If you want to kick things up a notch, either in embellishments or even something more simplicity, these two dresses are the ones to be fawning over. The Marion Lace Dress is a nice fresh approach to a stunning dress, as opposed to the sultry and skin tight dresses that are far too common on the red carpet these days. The Golden Glam Vintage piece on the right, is a sleek and unique approach to the traditional little black dress.

Etsy Wednesday: 8 Dresses For The Red Carpet We might as well be the spokespeople for wanting to look good while remaining comfortable. Well, the Black Long Sleeved Dress and Gossip Girl Oscar de la Renta dress are sure to meet both of our standards. Both comfy and chic, the two aforementioned dresses are definitely in our top choices for dresses we want.

Etsy Wednesday: 8 Dresses For The Red Carpet Is there anything that a red dress doesn’t say? Sophisticated. Classy. Show. Stopper. Whether it’s a Lace Organza Mermaid dress or a Long Red Sequin Dress, it will cause multiple double takes and lots of fabulous photos. 

Etsy Wednesday: 8 Dresses For The Red Carpet A classic silhouette paired with beautiful appliqué and embellishment makes for a flawless dress on the red carpet. Pair a dress like the featured Custom Made Embroidered Lace Gown with a strappy shoe, embellished headband, and simple jewelry and it’s a look that is going to be envied by all.

Which is your favorite red carpet look?