If you’re anything like the typical post-college grad, chances are your life isn’t overly luxurious right now. You may be living in a relatively small apartment, where your living room also functions as your bedroom. But the one thing that can’t really be converted into much else is your bathroom. However, the chances of your bathroom being the size of a small closet are extremely high.There’s only one logical step to take to ensure that these small spaces don’t get overly cluttered. Time for springcleaning and organizing – what better place to start than with your beauty supplies and makeup? We’ve searched high and low for some modern handcrafted organizers, which are semi-difficult to find due to the ever-so-popular plastic organizers that are easily found at Target or any other big name store. We’re bringing you a few makeup organizers that are perfect to help clean up your not so spacious bathroom! 

Etsy Wednesday: 7 Makeup Organizers For Your Cluttered Life

1. Wood Wall Hanging Makeup Organizer | Petaleah, $49

2.Wooden Lipstick/ Brush Organizer | PaulSzewc, $71

Etsy Wednesday: 7 Makeup Organizers For Your Cluttered Life

3. Cube II Makeup Box Organizer | Cube of Hearts, $250

4. Reclaimed Wood Makeup/Brush Organizer | Over The Painted Fence, $21.75

Etsy Wednesday: 7 Makeup Organizers For Your Cluttered Life5. Beauty Station: Makeup Organizer and Display Case with Docking Station | ISkelterProducts, $80

6. Cherry Wood Makeup Brush Organizer | FindsofaKind, $78

7. Pear Wood Makeup Organizer / Makeup Holder / Makeup Brush Storage / Lipstick Organizer | lessandmore, $179

These are just some of our favorite finds for makeup organization. Cute, fun and functional? Sign us up!

What are your apartment hacks for organizing your makeup?