Watch-wearing is a bit of a rarity these days. Unless you’re a high-powered businessman or a lawyer who needs to bill hours, you generally reach for your mobile phone to check the time. It’s much more subtle to glance at a watch if you’re waiting for class/a stressful meeting to end. And Etsy has some handmade timepiece beauties in stock. Read on for this week’s picks!

Piece #1: For the Hobbitses

Lord of the Rings Inspired Watch Timepiece Etsy

Are you a Tolkien fan? Do you covet the one and only ring? Would you settle for a handmade pocket watch with an imitation ring on it? If yes, this watch is for you: the gold-tone copper ring encircles the clock itself, and would make a lovely gift for LOTR fan. Or you, if you don’t like sharing your “precious.”


  • Chain length: 30”
  • Material: Copper

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Piece #2: 10/10 Adorable

Adorable Flowery Watch Timepiece Etsy

I’m not particularly girly (pink is not a favorite color and I dislike heels) but the charming quotient on this very feminine garden watch outweighs counter-arguments. The clock hands are delicately painted petal-white, a dove flutters near other birds, and a discreet sign on the left announces ‘the secret garden.’ And have I mentioned it’s a watch?


  • Materials: glass, stainless steel, gems and stones, leather
  • Water resistance depth: 30 m.
  • Band width: 10mm. to 19mm.
  • Dial diameter: 4.2 cm.
  • Band length: 22.5 cm.

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Piece #3: W for Watch, W for Wow

Handcrafted Blova and Whittnauer Watch Bracelet Etsy

Full disclosure: none of the beautiful vintage watches on this bracelet work. So if you fall in love (much like I have), remember to have another timepiece around you. More importantly, few things are more gorgeous than Art Deco wares. This bracelet has 4 Bulova watches and a Whittnauer; some of the former have a lovely pearly sheen to their clock faces. Three of the watches are either gold-filled or gold-plated – it doesn’t get more fabulous than that.


  • Hand-crafted
  • 4 Bulova watches and 1 Whittnauer watch
  • Gold-toned hardware. Three of these cases are marked gold filled or plated with real gold.
  • Measures approx. 7 1/4″ long and has a toggle clasp. Can be shortened or lengthened.

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Piece #4: Watch+Pendant=Success

Watch Pendant Timepiece Etsy

Have I missed something? Why have I heretofore neglected watches with charms attached? It’s unbelievably cute, adds a dash of color, and you’ll find yourself checking it not for the time alone. If you’ll excuse me I have to investigate this matter further, which will likely involve me buying this watch.


  • Wraparound leather strap with replaceable pendant
  • Dial diameter: 2.5 cm.
  • Band width: 1 cm.
  • Band length: 26 cm.
  • Nickel-free
  • Replacement battery included

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Piece #5: When You Wish Upon a Star

Handmade Star Leather Watch Timepiece Etsy

I don’t know which I like best: the bold red strap, the squat gold star, the bronze finishes, or the striking black antique clock hands. Plus its crimson strap will likely complement your daily style. It’s eye-catching, assertive, and sophisticated, much like you on a Friday night out, no?


  • Handmade
  • Materials: leather, bronze
  • Made to order

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Which timepieces are you itching to wear?


About Nandini Balial: I grew up in India, with an arty theatrical hippie mum who used to make her own jewelry, and vibrant patterns and materials – always on display at any relative’s wedding – quickly caught my attention.  Once I moved to Texas, I had to reconcile the ornate silks, mirrored scarves and silver hoops with glittery Coco Chanel earrings and Ralph Lauren polos. I’m still most comfortable in a vegetable/fruit-dye print cotton shirt and jeans, but my accessories will always vary. I proudly maintain that clothes are expensive and can’t always be mixed n’matched, but accessories are (on average) a bit cheaper, and can always move across your wardrobe (with/without irony). If you ever run across a fun accessory find, e-mail me with the details (and a photo, if possible), and I’ll try to include it in a future column.