Well guys, ’tis the season… to bundle up. Upon stepping out the other day, I came face-to-face with the stark realization that it was freezing. My fall jacket wasn’t going to cut it anymore, and it was high time to graduate to layers of knits and heavy wool jackets. Even though it sometimes feels like you’re a tightly packed burrito, it can also be fun and cozy to truly bundle up. The key here is to choose knits that are stylish and warm without looking like you’re drowning in one of Grandma’s holiday sweaters. Here we show you some of the coolest (yet warmest) knits on Etsy to keep you from shivering during these colder months.

1) Oatmeal Chunky Knit Scarf by dailyaccessoriez $28.99

oatmeal infinity scarfThe infinity scarf is a great, no-fuss way to stay warm. This classic shade will also ensure that it will go with everything!

2) Oversized Wool Knit Sweater by IdealDesignShop $68

wool knit sweaterNothing is quite as comfy in the cold winter months as an oversized knit sweater. This basic gray version is versatile and made of really great quality.

3) Hand-Knit Fingerless Wool Gloves by perfectknit $32

wool mitsGloves are great, but they are just so annoying to type with (on our phones, that is). This fingerless pair will help warm up your arms when you’re typing on-the-go in the bitter cold.

4) Slouchy Knitted Beanie by ThreeBirdNest $28

knit beanieWhat is more classic (and necessary) than the slouchy beanie? It’s the cool girl staple.

5) Men’s Deer Sweater by elbruswool $152.38

deer sweaterWe think there is something fun about a nice turtleneck. Get one for yourself or for your boyfriend and make a classic holiday statement.

6) Extra Long Fringe Neck Scarf by blacksheepVL $32

neck scarfIt is all about the extra long scarf — the one that you can wrap around two or three times. Get this vintage, patterned edition and use it as the centerpiece of your outfit.

7) Knit Boot Cuffs by Sizana $17

knitbootcuffLeg warmers, boot cuffs — they all come from the same family. There’s something really cute about a knit peeking out.

8) Double-Breasted Cardigan by Andy VeEirn $145

raglanPerhaps you are in search for a more structured, office-appropriate knit. This cardigan wins prize for most put-together outfit accent.

9) Red and White Wool Socks by MocaraShop $33.82

knit socksMaybe we are alone on this one, but knit socks are so very important for winter. Cold toes are the worst!

10) Cable Knit Headband by ChiChiDee $30.48

headbandCable knit headbands are very après-ski chic. Feel free to muss up your hair and throw one on, giving off a ski bunny vibe.

What is your most essential knit?


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