November is National Native American Heritage Month. While there are plenty of ways to pay tribute, we thought to start off the month with showcasing amazing metal, stone, bead, and textile work that the Southwest is typically known for. Read along for some amazing (and mainly authentic) Native American works we found on Etsy. Talk about discovering treasure!

1. Navajo Tribal Stackable Bracelet via handmadeinali $35

navajo turquoise b1

This bracelet – with its reasonable price tag and unique design – is perfect for anyone. Feel free to check out this Etsy user’s profile for countless (and amazing) jewelry pieces.

2. “Desert in Bloom” Dangle Beaded Earrings via LakotaCharm $32


While you see a lot of sterling silver and turquoise when on the hunt for authentic Native American pieces, there is also plenty of bead work to fall in love with. These earrings make a great statement piece. Pair with a neutral outfit and you will surely become the center of attention.

3) Gold Deerskin Leather With Turquoise and Silver beads Hair Wrap via PatchesCustomLeather $14.95

hair wrap

Well, this sure is a one-of-a-kind accessory. You’ve seen girls walk around with feathers in their hair, but have you ever seen a hair wrap? This leather wrap is great for summer days, music festivals (ahem, Coachella), or days at the beach.

4) Navajo Artist Sterling Silver and Variquoise Necklace via ArizonaHandmadeArts $89.50

Navajo Artist Sterling Silver and Variquoise Necklace

Another great way to pay tribute is by supporting the talented Native American artists of today. Purchasing this sterling silver and precious stone necklace is a great way to begin.

5) Shadow Box Turquoise Ring via evertonterrace $40

turq ring

Need a statement ring? On second thought, who doesn’t?

6) Dreamcatcher Necklace via EcoDesignProject $40


While the dreamcatcher is  a well-known device keeping those bad dreams away, these will offer extra protection thanks to coming in necklace-form. This piece offers beading, leather, and feather-work.

7)Vegan, Navajo-Inspired Camera Strap via couchguitarstraps $34.95


These camera straps are anything but boring. Buy these for yourself or your friend that seems to be artistically inclined. (Hey, Christmas is coming up!)

7) Authentic Navajo Cuff via edanebeadwork $325

navajo cuff

OK, this Navajo cuff might be well above your price range, however it is important to note that there’s a price to pay for truly authentic and vintage pieces. While there might be some age signs we think it gives it character, don’t you?

8) American Wool Wallet via FilbertFashions $14


Cool wallets are hard to come by. And, if you happen to find one, it is always bulky and takes up too much unnecessary space. This wool wallet will slip right into your pockets, hassle-free.

9) Spirit Stick via SissipahawLeatherCo $45

spirit stick

Perhaps this is more of a home accent than an accessory, however we though it stood out. It breaks away from the conventional Dream Catcher but still offers all the feather work, beading, and earthy accents.

10) Vintage 1970 Southwestern Navajo Style Sterling Silver Turquoise Belt Buckle via yourgreatfinds $125

Vintage 1970 Southwestern Navajo Style Sterling Silver Turquoise Belt Buckle

Finally, this belt buckle is perfect to update that belt of yours. It seems that many of the belts owned today are bland and basic. Amp it up with this precious stone take.

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How will you pay tribute on Native American Heritage Month?