While we often consult Etsy to uncover fashion finds, this time around we’ve looked to it for indulgent bath & beauty products. Too often, it is the smaller companies and producers who care the most about quality, so rest assured we’ve picked the best of the best. Plus, what could be a better season to spruce up your beauty stash than winter?

1. Sleeping Beauty Nightly Eye Cream | candlesbynature, $7.70

sleeping beauty eye cream

Rejuvenate your eyes overnight with this thick, homemade cream. It will truly give “beauty rest” a new meaning.

2. Organic Ayurvedic Amla Hair Oil | Zria, $44

ayurvedic hair oil

Ayurveda refers to a form of traditional medicine native to India. While the practices and principles are far more complicated than we can explain here, this rejuvenating hair oil will make your hair shine like never before.

3. Sugar Scrubs | SakuraBathAndBody, $11.45

sugar scrub gift set

What could possibly be more relaxing than a warm bath on a cold winter night? Sprinkle on some sugar scrub and you will be in pure bliss.

4. Tinted Lip Balms | GloryBoon, $5

gloryboon tinted lip balm

Lip balms are often a dime a dozen, but it doesn’t always mean they’re the best or even the healthiest. With recent studies showing a high number of cancer-causing parabens in common cosmetics, trying out homemade versions not only supports the producer but also your own health.

5. Neroli Fragrance Oils | PamperHavenFragrance, $4.19

fragrance oils

Excite your senses with these fragrance oils. Use them as a base for you own DIY scent or pour a couple of drops in your bath.

6. Mineral Eyeshadow | NoellaBeauty, $7.49

mineral eyeshadow

Mineral makeup has been a well known “secret” of many, so why not try this one out?

7. Facial Beauty Soap | crimsonhill, $8

facial beauty soap

Soaps are always fun to collect, but it is quite difficult to find one that is gentle and effective enough for your face. This orange grapefruit blend is sure to get your skin tingling and feeling squeaky clean.

8. 24 kt Gold Tonic | 24KTonic, $75


A gold tonic? You might be skeptical as to the many benefits this spray is said to have, but apparently not only does it purify your skin, but it also energizes you and relieves stress. You can’t say you’re not even a little curious.

9. Bronzed Foundation | BLSoaps, $5

powder foundation

Similar to a mineral eyeshadow, this home-blended and tanned foundation is the perfect tool to achieve that mid-winter glow we so covet.

10. Vegan Radiance Elixir | LusciousLather, $10.50

vegan radiance

While Evian spray has been every girl’s dewy complexion must-have for a while now, this radiance mist will surely help you achieve the same look while also assuring you of its stance on animal rights.

What is your winter beauty indulgence?

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