You never know what to expect with winter weather. From brutal winter winds to beautiful snow falls, it’s imperative to cover up and keep warm. If you’re worried about having to cover up that outfit you so meticulously chose, have no fear! Haute Talk is bringing you some of the best warm winter jackets we’ve found from our friends at Etsy. If you need a little extra fashionable cover before you go out and face the winter wonderland, check out some of our favorites.


The perfect accessory is a jacket: it’s warm, fashionable, and keeps the rest of the outfit looking good. Mixing and matching is a great way to accomplish an overall polished look.

1. Long Loose Knit Cardigan, $84 | AClassSupply

2. Purple Wool Coat, $59.90 | ElegantGens

3. Blue Cotton Parka, $65 | OriginalStyleShop

4. Green Wool Winter Coat, $79 | LuckyStore829

5. Winter Beige Cape/Coat, $69 | LuckyStore829


These winter coats are a bit on the pricier end of the spectrum — but we’re sure they’re well worth the investment. These jackets are sophisticated, simple, and, most importantly, sure to make a statement as soon as you walk out the door. Need any more convincing? We sure don’t.

1. Minimalist Coat with Unique Waveform Finish, $515 | Uplus

2. High Collar Wool Winter Jacket, $179.99 | SophiaClothing

3. Dark Green Wool Coat Jacket, $129 | CamelliaTune

4. Crystal Buttoned Quilted Cashmere Coat, $138 | Idea2Lifestyle

5. Hooded Wool Cape Coat Jacket, $108.99 | Deboy2000

 Which of these winter jackets screams you?

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