We love Etsy jewelry. Not only is it super affordable, but the pieces found on the site are so, so unique. That’s why for this week’s Etsy Wednesday roundup, we’re focusing on pendant necklaces.  These necklaces are perfect for layering or mix and matching. The best part about them is that they will definitely make a statement in your wardrobe without causing you to break the bank. Scroll through and see which is your favorite necklace to wear this season! But be warned, once your friends see these cute piece, they are going to be super jealous.

1.  Gold Mustache Necklace | $9.30

etsy jewelry necklaces

Everyone is crazy about mustaches — especially in November (or shall we say Movember?).

2.  Smile Necklace | $9.00

Smile Necklace

Remember these iconic smiley necklaces from the 90s? Here are two chic yet similar versions.

3.  WTF Necklace | $14.50

WTF Necklace

For those dreadful Monday mornings, let your “WTF”  necklace help you express your frustrations.

4.  Fairy Girl Butterfly Necklace | $4.99

Fairy Girl Butterfly Necklace

Tinker Bell has never looked so cute! And that pearl she’s sitting on?

5.  Movie Quote| $14.50


Snarky and to the point. We love it!


6. I-CAN’T-EVEN Necklace | $15.00


I Cant Even Necklace

We can’t even handle the cuteness of this necklaces. It’s funny and definitely practical.

7. Surf Board Heart Necklace  | $20.00

Surf Board Necklace

If you love Beyonce as much as we do, this is absolutely the perfect necklace for you.


Which is your favorite funny piece of Etsy jewelry?

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