About a year ago, I was on YouTube searching for some great (and quick!) yoga exercises. Of course I found about a zillion, but there was really only one of them I felt I could actually enjoy and stick with: Erin Motz’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Do You Yoga.

For one month, Motz went through 30, roughly 18-minute-long, routines that would strengthen, open, and relax certain body areas. What was most compelling about her teaching was her constant reminder to move at your own pace. Practicing with her through my computer literally felt like a one-on-one session where I found myself laughing (when Motz would laugh at herself), sweating (thanks to the incredible flow) and also super intrigued about this yoga instructor who has this amazing natural and effortless beauty — and amazing yoga clothes. I knew that if I ever had the opportunity to interview her, I would need to know about her fashion and beauty regime. And as luck would have it, I got to interview Miss Erin Motz, who by the way, created the “One Bad Yogi” tank that proves (even if she wouldn’t necessarily agree) that she is indeed a designer!

Here’s a little background info. on Motz. She definitely isn’t your typical yogi — not by a long shot. This is a girl that likes her meat, red wine and cheese — a lot. But she also really loves yoga, and when she began teaching, she didn’t think the exercise was a one-size fits all kind of thing.”You won’t hear much Sanskrit, I totally forgive you if you don’t know your asana from your elbow, and I firmly believe that yoga is for everyone, from the kale-loving vegan to the prize-winning deer hunter,” she said. “I may be a Bad Yogi, but if I’m being totally honest, teaching yoga has been one of my greatest pleasures; I practice to feed my teaching, but I teach to feed my life.”

Motz describes her style as “low maintenance but elegant” and even though she’s not an avid makeup wearer, she does use just a few simple staples that help give her that natural yogi look. “I’m not extremely loyal to any brand or routine in particular, but I go through phases of what works best for me. Right now it’d have to be: Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer for under eye circles, Smashbox Camera Ready BB cream, Nars Laguna bronzer, Clinique High Impact mascara… oh, and definitely my Clarisonic brush!”

But the secret to feeling and looking great in Motz’s opintion, really has nothing to do with cosmetics. “Eat real, whole foods, get enough sleep every day and your skin will thank you!” Well, there’s no arguing with that. And as far as style icons? Well, Motz pretty much just dresses in what she likes and for her body. “I usually love whatever Jennifer Aniston wears, but my only fashion rule is really just to wear what looks good on me. Oooh, does that mean I’m my own icon?” she told us. 

She’s quickly becoming our style icon, especially when it comes to workout clothes. Not only can you find her in brightly patterned and funky leggings from places like Liquido Active and Onzie, but as we mentioned before, she created the ultimate yogi tank, which kind of just happened out of no where. “Honestly, I made one for myself with a crappy tank top and some paint as a silly project so I could wear it in my classes. Turns out I wasn’t the only one who wanted one and the rest is history!”

Motz sells the shirt on her website for $32 — and if you’re asking yourself “Am I a bag yogi?” the answer is probably yes if you agree with how Motz describes it. ” I think we’ve all seen the picture perfect images all over social media of super bendy yogis who can stand on one pinky finger while whipping up a green smoothie and can rattle off every ingredient in Sanskrit. The reality is that those images don’t represent the average,” she said. “Beyond the physical representation, there’s the other side which says that they should all eat, act, think and dress the same way, and that’s not real either. That life never really resonated with me, even though I loved yoga. So I want to represent the majority of people who have yoga as a part of their lives but it doesn’t necessarily define the entire thing.”

erin motz bad yogi tank

Need we say more about why she’s our fitness/style/beauty icon? She knows all the good stuff comes from within — the rest is just fluffer.

What do you think of Erin Motz’s yoga style?