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Emma Waldo has the look the industry has been flocking to in recent years- that androgynous look that appeals to fashion designers and photographers alike. Our latest “Model to Watch” saw more catwalk time during Fashion Week in February and March than many models did. She boasted over 30 different runway appearances during the time, including big names like Prada, Burberry, and Dolce and Gabbana. The model has few recorded work prior to Fashion Week according to Models.com, which includes an editorial in Manifesto Magazine and work with J. Crew.

Waldo is currently signed with The Society Management in New York. The brown-haired, green-eyed beauty not only landed at New York Fashion Week, but at Paris Fashion Week as well. It’s no surprise Models.com names her one of the top new comers on the scene:

“As one of fashion month’s MVPs, new face Emma Waldo showed up on every casting director’s must-have list, and in turn, the very best of the season’s runways. Anyone who dared to ask where’s Waldo could be answered with a resounding reply: everywhere.”

The New Yorker has several striking features that dominate her presence- her strong shoulders, endless legs, long hair, and bold brows are definitely something we hope to continue seeing on the runway and in magazines.
The newbie just started modeling this past year and she’s already been featured in more than one runway at more than one Fashion Week. Yeah, we’d say that’s pretty good. Ms. Waldo will be around for quite some time. Trust us, she’s THE model to watch.

What do you think of Emma Waldo?

Photos via WWD.com.