The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swung into theaters last week (if you’ll pardon the pun), and the reviews have been decidedly mixed. But the one aspect that seems to be getting unanimous praise, especially from us? The wardrobe of the web slingin’ hero’s girlfriend, Gwen Stacy. We all knew that Emma Stone has some serious style off set (is there anyone else who could have worn this Dolce & Gabbana number without looking like a floral-printed tablecloth?), and it’s a ton of fun to watch her embody such a fashion forward character onscreen.

Gwen’s style flawlessly fits her personality in the movies, a mix of feminine and professional pieces with just a touch of vintage charm as a throwback to her ’60s comic book origins. As an Oscorp employee, Gwen always looked focused in tailored blouses and blazers, but played with pastels and prints to keep a youthful vibe.

gwen stacy

This chiffon secretary blouse spattered with delicate pink polka dots from American Apparel seems like a versatile Gwen-approved pick. With a white cami underneath, it’s opaque enough to be work-appropriate, but can easily be flirted up with a high-waisted skirt or bright lipstick choice.

Like the idea of more sheer blousey tops? Check out this navy cat and mouse print one from ModCloth! Gwen wears a purple one in the film with a circular mod print, but we think the kitschy pattern on the ModCloth find adds a fun and original twist. To dress up a top like this, try a fitted felt blazer or soft cardigan. Remember to stick with those pastels! We love this mint green cardigan from Enz’s ’50s and rockabilly boutique. Feminine and retro, that’s the Gwen way to wear it.

gwen stacy

Now, we can’t give too much away about the importance of this next pick (cause, c’mon, who cares if the comic has been out for over 40 years… uh, spoilers???), but we’ll just say it’s pretty iconic, and hardcore Spidey fans collectively freaked out when leaked set photos showed Stone in this particular white-trimmed sea foam coat. (Click this link at your own risk to find out why!)

gwen stacy

But what we can say is, iconic or not, that coat was super adorable, and we want one yesterday. ModCloth’s If It Ain’t Got That Spring Coat may not exactly match in color, but it certainly emulates the same style, with bold ivory trim reminiscent of the chunky outlines found in actual comic books.

So, is The Amazing Spider-Man 2 worth checking out? Well, for a superhero movie, the jury’s out. But for your spring fashion inspiration? We’ll let Emma answer that one.


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