Beauty HOT DAMN: Emily Ratajkowski Heats Up Cosmo

HOT DAMN: Emily Ratajkowski Heats Up Cosmo

Let’s hear it for the girl. Model Emily Ratajkowski has landed the November cover of Cosmopolitan Magazine, and let us tell you, girl looks incredible.

Ratajkowski shows off her goods on the cover by wearing simple jeans and white button down shirt that, ironically, is not buttoned at all. For one of the inside shots, we see Ratajkowski in a gorgeous blue gown that just proves she isn’t afraid to show off a little skin. (Not that we really needed any convincing of that). The 23-year-old stunner, also proved in this issue that she isn’t afraid of speaking her mind. She was very blunt in the magazine when it came to sex, clothes and… feminism? “I feel lucky that I can wear what I wants, sleep with whom I want, and dance how I want, while still being a feminist.”

EMILY RATAJKOWSKI november cosmo cover

Well then, there you have it.

And for anyone who says that Ratajkowski is just all about stripping down and taking photos, you’re VERY wrong. She has landed a role in the highly anticipated movie Gone Girl (which features Ben Affleck). And she also has upcoming parts in the Entourage movie and We are Your Friends which stars Zac Efron (we’re hoping for a romance there!) So Ratajkowski is definitely proving herself in the acting world.


Be sure to head over to Cosmo for more information, and pick up your own copy of the November issue, on newsstands October 6th!

What do you think of Emily Ratajkowski’s Cosmopolitan cover?