Daily Features Elle Poland Does A Whole New Kind of Fashion “Shoot”

Elle Poland Does A Whole New Kind of Fashion “Shoot”

Elle Poland took the meaning of “photo shoot” literally when it came to their March editorial entitled “Plan Doskonały” (“An Excellent Plan” in English). Models Kama Broniszewska, Aleksandra, and Justyna posed like members of a gun-toting gang, but not a single crime against fashion was to be found here. The vibe was edgy and the clothes epitomized grunge, featuring leather jackets, torn denim shorts, and thigh-high peep toe boots, as each model stared down the camera amidst some ominous smoke. Stylist Zuzanna Kuczynska chose looks from high-end designers like Louis Vuitton and Marni, as well as some picks from H&M, for a nice mix of aspirational and attainable styles. One floral jumpsuit from Kenzo stood out in particular, as all three models had a turn to try it on in one pic.

Emil Zed with hair and Wilson for makeup created looks to match the mood, complete with dark smudged eyeliner and messy strands (were you expecting perfectly winged eyes and careful coiffed styles when you’re on the run from the law?) Photographer Adam Plucinski had a cinematic approach to the shoot with certain shots resembling stills from a heist movie, as models perched over scribbled up maps and plotted over where to make their next hit. The black and white shots added stark contrast to the dark clothes, while the color pics broke up the drama. The highlight however had to be the mugshots at the end with each girl grinning behind a card of her model stats, as if to say: Who cares if we got caught? At least we looked hot getting busted. 


(Translation: Liberated girls like to play dangerous games in fashion. They’re inspired by nonconformist fashion of the early 90’s but connect with new age coats, and glam from the new age as well as college-esque shirts.”)