Miu Miu really hit it out of the park with their ad campaign for Spring/Summer 2014. The series features four of Hollywood’s biggest it-girls, Elizabeth Olsen, Elle Fanning, Bella Heathcote and Lupita Nyong’o and has a sort of 1960’s Wonderland vibe with its surreal view of a small room with only one or two pieces of furniture and styling. According to Miu Miu, the campaign is intended to portray “the many aspects of femininity” based on the different personalities and poses of the actresses, yet it presents them in a way that seems whimsical and fantasy-like–hence the brightly-colored sandals and socks combos (a bolder take on something that has become somewhat synonymous with the fashion house) and bejeweled bustier tops. A few standout moments include Elizabeth Olsen’s cascading, middle-parted blonde hair that makes her look like she just left Woodstock, Elle’s perfectly rosy cheeks that don’t detract from her astonishing maturity, Bella’s doe-eyed gaze that makes you wonder why she isn’t in more ad campaigns and Lupita looking flat-out fierce in a red fur coat. Oh, and Miu Miu just released a video to go along with the shoot that’s definitely trippy, but serves as a pretty fantastic live compliment to the photo stills. Bravo, Miu Miu.






Photos via Miu Miu