In case you missed it, Easter was yesterday. Our Instagram’s were flooded with adorable photos of bunnies, chocolate treats and Beyonce killing it in rabbit ears. But Bey wasn’t the only one who had some fun on Sunday. Celebrities including Mariah Carey, Nicole Richie and Heidi Klum all shared photos of themselves (and their families) having a good time — too say the least. Some of the images were so cool (and stylish) we just had to share them with you. Scroll through to see how our favorite fashion-easters (get it?) celebrated the holiday, and be sure to check out our Instagram, too. We’ll keep you updated on all of our latest happenings!

Bow down.

Mariah kept it super casual for the day.

Just keep swinging.

Perfect in pastel.

Never too cool to dress up a little.

Everything’s better with a puppy!

Easter pinata? Sure!

We’re loving that necklace, Jessica!

We’re really hoping David Beckham is under that costume.

Yes to those shoes Giuliana and Bill!

Dogs will do anything for Chrissy Teigen.

Gisele’s pup is too cute!

Going for that cowgirl look, huh Adriana?

Easter meets high fashion.

Someone had a nice view…

Miranda Kerr celebrated her birthday on Easter!

Well, that’s one way to say “Happy Easter.”

Too cute!

Can we be models?

We need that hoodie, like right this second.

Rihanna wasn’t all that much interest in Easter as she was some other, erm, holiday.