What was once our favorite bracelet is now our favorite earring. That’s right, we’re talking about the cuff.

Ear cuffs are hands down the chicest accessory of the moment. We love cuff earrings because they give us that edgy rocker vibe we want, but they can still make our ears look dainty and feminine. They come in all shapes and sizes, some with big bold designs and dangling chains, and others with a more delicate and understated feel. Plus, cuff earrings create the illusion of pierced ears by hugging your ear, the same way a bracelet hugs your wrist. Most  require only one piercing, and some don’t require any at all! (Perfect for those of us with a seriously low pain tolerance, or who’s parents threatened to disown us if we ever got our cartilage pierced…)

Lately, we’ve seen cuff earrings on tons of A-list celebrities. Everyone from Nicole Richie to Rihanna to Emma Watson has been spotted sporting the trend. Celebs wear it when they’re out and about, or when they’re all glammed up on the red carpet, proving that the ear cuff is appropriate for any occasion.

We’ve done our homework searching Etsy for the cutest ear cuffs we could find, and made a list of 9 of our favorite pieces. Enjoy!

cuff earrings angel wing

Angel Wing Earring Cuff | HandleWithCareGifts, $8.59

cuff earrings gold simple

Simple Gold Ear Cuff | EmmanuelaGR, $37.00

cuff earrings stars

Stars Gold/Silver Ear Cuff | Laonato, $15.00

cuff earrings pearls

Gold Ear Cuff With Pearls | LittleVenus, $16.00

cuff earrings rinestones

Sterling Silver Ear Pin | ChapmanJewelry, $70.00

ear cuff fly dragon

Glitter Wing Ear Cuff | Stylesbiju, $16.90

cuff earrings bands

Silver Plated Cartilage Ear Cuff | LotEarCuffs, $5.95

cuff earrings mixed metals

Mixed Metals Stud Cuff | ChapmanJewelry, $24.00

bohemian ear cuff

Bohemian Ear Cuff | FunnyPeopleCo, $20.00

Which ear cuff is your favorite?

Sarah Olicker is a Vanderbilt University undergraduate student and self-proclaimed Netflix junkie. She loves British accents, Mexican Cuisine, and American Cinema. She has a dangerous online shopping addiction and could tell a platform heel from a stiletto long before she could recite her times tables. She's also a member of her school's A cappella group and appreciates a good #TBT.