Yesterday we noted briefly the upcoming Downton Abbey brand. Yes, beginning later this year you’ll be able to shop style, beauty and home products inspired by the show.

“We’ll be working across an entire range of products coming out this year. From fashion, apparel and homeware and furniture to wallpapers, beauty products and stationary,” confirmed Gareth Nearne, Downton Abbey‘s executive producer. “Some of these things have been available since 2012 – we publish books and have made a music album, but the more complex products take time. It’s very rare for a British drama to have this much retail potential and merchandising value [in the US].”

The project is being helmed by NBC Universal and Carnival Films, the production company behind Downton. While it’s already been (and will no doubt continue to be) a Gatsby-saturated few months, by fall you should be feeling the effects of early 20th century British aristocrats on your wardrobe.