Get the box of tissues, Dove just released a new YouTube video and it’s a real tearjerker.

As some of you may know, Dove has been reinventing beauty one social experiment at a time. Remember the “Selfie” video? Yeah, well this latest one is just as amazing and inspiring. The concept consisted of inviting women to try a beauty patch in order to enhance the way they see themselves. The particpants were told to wear the patch for 12 hours a day for two weeks. During that time they had to record their progress.

Most women didn’t see a change during the first couple of days, but then something awesome happened. Around day four, the women started to notice that they were feeling more confident and beautiful. “I feel beautiful, no matter if I’m sick, tired or have a pimple on my nose,” said one participant. Another, this is where the waterworks really turned on, said “I went dress shopping, there’s no way two weeks ago I would have been able to do this.”

After two weeks, the women came back and expressed how amazing they were feeling. When it was time to reveal exactly what was in this magical patch they found out it was… nothing! Oh, why, Dove, why? Why must you make these videos… oh, that’s right because you’re awesome.

Here’s what Jennifer Bremner, a brand building director for Dove, told Mashable about the viddy. “We have heard from thousands of women about how their complicated relationship with beauty affects their overall confidence and happiness,” she said.“By illustrating through the Dove: Patches film that a positive state of mind and openness can help them feel more beautiful, we hope to inspire all women and help change the way they see themselves.”

Just watch the video and please, leave a comment letting us know what you thought! H/T Mashable.