Double denim is one of the hardest fashion feet to accomplish. The look is completely transformative, and can be either chic or drearily drab. Don’t keep your chambray from mingling with like fabrics! Take a peek at our go-to rules:

1. Mix Different Washes

– Having two contrasting washes is one of the preferably ways to wear double. Pairing two types of the same wash will successfully make you look like you belong on a ranch- don’t do it.

2. Colored Jeans

Jeans with a pop of color pair wonderfully with the basic fabric. Try maroon, mint, and white.

3. Look for Embellishments

– Designers have been taking to adding studs and other fun embellishments to collars and shoulders of denim tops. Beware though, too much may steer you towards rhinestone cowboy territory.

double denim

4. Layer Up

– A chambray top  (similar to denim) layered with tees, sweaters, and jackets can add the perfect contrast with jeans.

5. When In Doubt, Accessorize

– Adding pins and patches to denim vests and jackets can be the finishing touch to any denim-on-denim look.

6. Simplicity is Key

– As always, keep it simple, usually with just two denim items. A full-on head to toe look rarely succeeds.

7. Add Fun Prints

– If colorful jeans aren’t your thing, consider adding some printed items instead. Floral patterns are always a win, so go nuts!

8.  Experiment with Rolling

– Roll the bottoms of your jeans, or the sleeves of your top or jacket. It instantly creates an edgy look and has the wonderful ability of putting the finishing touch on an outfit that’s lacking.

double denim noomi rapacee

9. Don’t Use Identical Colors

– Nothing looks quite as tacky as a same color, same wash denim combo. It’s such a no-no that we’re fairly confident this note isn’t needed.

10. Go Vintage

– Some of the best denim looks are vintage. Time-worn denim has an instantly cool appeal, and can be just the boost your double denim ensemble needs. Urban Outfitter’s “Urban Renewal” line takes vintage clothing and gives them a modern tailoring. The denim looks they come up with are top notch.

Remember, fashion is supposed to be fun! Don’t be daunted by the denim-on-denim outfit. These outlines will help steer you towards chic!

Would you wear double denim?

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