If you are considering a brazilian laser hair removal treatment, but you’re too scared to even book an appointment, let’s quickly analyse the problem. Having hair down below is the worst, and if you’re not a flexible person, it’s nearly impossible to reach all the nooks and crannies.. With the vast improvements in modern hair removal technology , the painful wax is slowly getting replaced, according to Wikihow, by brazilian laser hair removal. This treatment is an excellent method to remove unwanted hair, without the redness, nicks and burns, that is usually associated with waxing. If you are still on the ropes, and haven’t entirely decided on your decision, let’s look at the overall pain factor with regards to other areas of the body, in order to sway your decision!


Firstly let’s look at some common areas you usually shave and wax, and let’s investigate the pain level you feel. With regards to legs, this is probably one of the areas that hurts the least. Skin on your legs tends to be thicker than other parts of your body. Whilst areas like your inner thigh can hurt, because the skin there is a lot thinner, but in most cases if you’re not too sensitive this pain is bearable especially compared to waxing.  


This is quite a controversial area to get a laser hair removal procedure, but for those who are using other treatments, and not having the biggest success. Laser hair removal, on your forehead and cheeks , are not very popular treatments,but with regards to pain level, it normally ranges from light to mild pain, compared to using tweezers, which everyone knows by now, can be painful . However, if you want to get rid of the hair around your nose and upper lip, it tends to be painful, because the skin is thinner and evidently more sensitive.

Back or stomach

The pain level on your back and stomach have polar opposite levels of pain. Removing hair with laser treatments on your stomach are in most cases quite bearable , with customers rating the pain from the ranges of light pain to mild pain. Treatment on your back, however is a different kettle of fish, this procedure can be as painful, as the bikini line. The reason is quite simple: the hair density on your back is high, and also in most cases the skin on your back is not as thick as on your legs.

Arms and Underarms

This area is not for the lighthearted, the skin under your arms is very sensitive, but if you are looking for a long term solution for hair removal this is definitely the best option. With regards to your arms, most people have said the pain is bearable, and patients only account for pain ranging from light to mild pain.

Brazilian treatment

With regards to the brazilian hair removal treatment, this pain has the same level of intensity that you will feel when you receive treatment for your under arms. However, there is a key  thing  to remember with regards to how painful the treatment is, choosing a reputable clinic to perform, the procedure. A reputable clinic in New Jersey is called Ethos Spa,the guys at Ethos Spa will make sure your laser hair removal experience is great, they will also ensure that the level of pain remains at a minimum.

Alternatives to laser hair removal

Whilst, all of these areas are remarkably easy to remove unwanted hair by using laser hair removal treatment, let’s compare them to other kinds of removal techniques. Firstly shaving, although the least painful ,method to use for hair removal, this causes in the worst cases irritation and redness, however the side effects wear off very quickly, the only reason the effects are short term is because the removal of hair from shaving,  only removes  shallow hair. The other alternatives are waxing and plucking, waxing is very similar to the pain you feel whilst receiving a laser hair removal treatment, however the results don’t last long, and you would have to endure this pain many times in your life. Compared to plucking, it’s extremely time consuming, plucking the wrong way can cause very bad skin irritation, and if compared to other kinds of hair removal it is very time consuming, and also painful.

To summarise

Pain should not be the deciding factor in choosing any kind of hair removal treatment, but with regards to beauty and inevitably the longevity of body hair removal, all things considered, the best way to get rid of unwanted hair is through a laser removal treatment. With regards to removing hair down there, brazilian laser treatment doesn’t hurt as much as the time you will spend your whole life trying to get rid of hair down there!