It’s the beginning of the new year! January 2012! But unfortunately with the New Year comes some new and rather COLD  winter weather. Which in the city can be especially harsh to us folks who have big hair. Our expansive hairdos make it virtually impossible to fit it all under a hat comfortably. Leaving our ears prey to those frigid winds. So our best option to  is to grab a pair of ear muffs.  P.S. I made this… even shows us how to MAKE some in just a few simple steps! The end result is a beautiful merlot colored pair of warm and fuzzy earmuffs prepared to fight of cold weather all winter long. But feel free to use any color that you want the most. Ready for some quick DIY?

Here’s what you’ll need to create them for yourself:

  • Faux Fur or Fur Trim
  • Felt
  • A Headband
  • A pair of Scissors
  • A Glue Gun

First,  fold a piece of felt in half. This will make the base of the earmuff. Then trace out a circle and cut it out leaving exactly 3 inches flat on the bottom fold. (if you choose to use black felt you can trace the circle out with a simple piece of chalk) Since everyone’s ears are different be sure to measure out a circle size that works best for you. You’ll need 2 of these felt rounds that when open flat are connected in the middle.

Now apply small amounts of glue onto the outside and being wrapping around a faux fur or fur strand. Hold it gently in place until the fur sets. Keep gluing  as you coil the fur inward until you reach the center of the felt circle. When completely covered, trim excess fur


Finally, attach each muff by sandwiching them outside of a headband, gluing the insides of the felt together.



After it’s all set and dry, you’ll now have a pair of stylish, fuzzy and fun earmuffs that are ready to go!

Erica Domesek is a distinguished stylist and DIY Designer based in NYC whose user-friendly projects have brought a new energy to the fashion and crafting industry. Her new book in stores now P.S. – I made this… pays homage to her motto “I see it. I liket it. I make it .”  with dozens of projects anyone can do. Which enables even the most frugal of shoppers to sport a very luxe look for less. But her creativity doesn’t stop there , her work has been featured in publication like Italian Vogue, Glamour, Lucky and more. For more of her stylish projects be sure to visit her site P.S. – I made this…