Low on dough this Valentine’s Day but still want to show your heart of gold to that special someone? All of these things can be accomplished without the 5th grade style macaroni picture frames and other unexpected (and unwanted) homemade items.  Our friends at Howdini.com have some pretty amazing videos on how to save both time and money this holiday, without compromising a luxury of your loved one’s smile. From sweet treats to sweet deals, check out the video’s below to get the most of the holiday of love.



Author of Garage Sale America,  Design and Lifestyle Bruce Littlefield tells us how to give our Valentine’s Day cards a personal touch.

Floral and interior decorator, Rebecca Cole shows us how to buy roses without spending a fortune.



 Liv Hansen of Betty Crocker Kitchen teaches us how to make mouth watering heart shaped brownies at home that look gourmet. 

1. Bake brownies in 13×9-inch pan lined with aluminum foil. Allow brownies to cool in pan.  Remove brownies from pan by lifting aluminum foil.

2. Cut brownies using a heart-shaped cookie cutter and place on wire cooling rack.
3. Spoon chocolate frosting into a microwave-safe bowl; spoon vanilla frosting into a second microwave-safe bowl.  Heat frosting separately in 10-second intervals until frosting is a “spoonable” consistency. Add a few drops of red food coloring to the melted vanilla frosting to achieve desired shade of pink.
4. Spoon melted chocolate frosting over your valentine brownie hearts.  Drizzle chocolate glazed hearts with pink frosting glaze using a fork.  Sprinkle with candy sprinkles.

(The valentine’s brownie recipe makes 14 brownie hearts.)