“I love you” greeting cards, pounds and pounds of chocolate, and enough teddy bears to last a child far beyond their years have already filled the shelves. If that isn’t an implication that the last of the let’s-exchange-gifts holidays is quickly approaching, then maybe the “Make your Valentine’s Day reservations” signs at big-name restaurants will give it away. Whether or not you have a valentine this year or if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day with your closest friends or your puppy, we have a DIY that you won’t be able to resist.

As this loving holiday approaches, be sure that you are looking your absolute best for that certain someone…or to catch the eye of a certain someone while with friends. Aside from flaunting the best accessory possible — a smile! — jewelry is always a simple addition to any outfit. Thanks to our friends at ISpyDIY, we’ve found a DIY Wire Heart Bracelet that is perfect to top off your sultry yet sophisticated Valentine’s Day outfit.

DIY Thursday: Wire Heart Bracelet

We weren’t kidding when we said that it’s a simple jewelry piece. You’ll need 16-gauge gold-filled wire, jewelry pliers (round and flat), and a cup — then you’re ready to make the wire heart bracelet! Use your pliers to bend the wire into a heart shape, criss-crossing the wires to cinch them closed, and wrap the wire around a cylindrical object like a cup to help you get the size of your wrist. Check out more detailed step-by-step instructions from ISpyDIY.

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