Photo via @TheSassyNation

Photo via @TheSassyNation

Scrubs are a super easy way to get soft and supple skin using ingredients that you probably already have at home. I attended a DIY a pop-up shop sponsored by a local co-op boutique, The Beehive and Reciprocitee Natural Body Products a few weeks back and got the inside scoop on the difference between salt and sugar scrubs and how to be a mixtress master at home.

Which scrub to choose depends on your desired results. Sugar is a natural humectant and great to combat wintertime dry skin. Salt, on the other hand, naturally detoxifies and tightens the skin while promoting circulation.

What you’ll need:

Salt or Sugar

Organic oil (jojoba, almond & olive are my 3 favorites)

Essential Oils (the smell good type—think rose or lemongrass)

Dried flowers, tea leaves

A mixing bowl + Spoon

Small jar with a lid

What you’ll do:

  1. Start by filling the container that will store your salt or sugar almost to the rim, then dump it into your mixing bowl.
  2. Mix in your base oil slowly until you get the desired consistency. I call this the pour and stop because adding a little at a time then stopping to let it settle for a moment will give you a better idea of how much liquid is enough; not that you can really mess it up either way.
  3. Once you get the consistency you like, it’s time to add your smell goods—the essential oils. I used lemongrass my first try. 5-10 drops should do the trick. You want enough for a faint smell so the amount actually depends on how big of a batch you make. Let your nose be the judge, just don’t go overboard. Essential oils are super concentrated and you don’t want to irritate your skin by using too much.
  4. Give your scrub some character by mixing in little extras, like dried flowers or tea leaves.
  5. Add your scrub back into the storage jar, label it and get ready to pamper yourself with some homemade luxury the next time you shower.

scrubs postcard 3.5x5.5 backPhoto via The Beehive ATL